Trail Maintenance Assessment (TMA)

The Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers online TMA purchase process from previous years was fairly straightforward. The new TMA process that we all now have to follow is a directive from VAST. We hope you find the new VAST process as easy or even better going forward.

Please consider making a separate donation through the Donate button below to help assist the club. Contributions to our grooming fund are greatly appreciated and 100% of this assistance goes to seasonal fuel costs, equipment maintenance as wells as Infrastructure repairs.

Many thanks to all who have contributed so far!

Trail Maintenance Assessment (TMA)

A few things are needed before you start the process to purchase a TMA on the VAST site.

1. You will need your VAST membership#

VAST sent out Membership cards to past members. If you did not get a card, you can look up the number by following Vast TMA Number Lookup button below.

If you don’t succeed with the above steps, you can message us, and we will send it to you.

2.You will need a digital image of your current State DMV Registration ready to upload as part of the process. Your purchase will be canceled if you do not provide a current valid State DMV Registration.

Full Season Early Bird TMA’s are available from October 1st to December 15th.
Regular Season TMA’s are available after December 15th.

Snowmobiling Requirements

Please follow all of the requirements before hitting the trails:

1. Registration

A snowmobile must be registered for the current year either in Vermont or another state or province. Vermont registrations can be renewed on line at DMV Express = or return by mail the renewal notice sent by DMV in August. Vermont registration services are also available locally at Fat City Motor Worx located on Route 100 north of the Route #9 intersection in Wilmington.

2. If you would like to change state of registration

Owners wishing to change the state of registration to Vermont can make use of the service at Fat City Motor Worx during their business hours or visiting any Vermont DMV office. You should be aware that Vermont registrations are not honored by any other state in the northeast…if you plan to snowmobile out of state at any time during the season you should consider retaining the out of state registration.

3. Insurance

A minimum liability policy of $25,000 for one person and $50,000 for two or more persons killed or injured and $10,000 for property damages in any one accident is the law. Proof of insurance must be carried at all times while snowmobiling in Vermont. Proof of Insurance is not needed for purchase of a TMA.

4. Snowmobile Safety Course

Any person born after July 1, 1983 and who is 12 years of age or older must take and pass a snowmobile safety education course. Proof of this course must be carried at all times while snowmobiling in Vermont. An online version is available for a fee. Course information is available through the Vermont State Police at their website: or at the VAST website Failure to comply is punishable by a fine.