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Feb 13 1. Trails are CLOSED!!!  2. Elections at April Meeting – Must notify club by March Meeting for intension to run for pres, VP, Sec, Treas or 2 open Director positions.  3. Meeting tonight 2.13.24 7:30PM, call hotline for info.

Upcoming News:

Annual cookout – March 9



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Miles of trails

As a member, you gain access to explore the vast Deerfield Valley trails. Click here to view current trail conditions. 



Our club operates entirely on volunteers to oversee and maintain the trails.

Explore the Deerfield Valley

The Deerfield Valley has been home to sleds for more than three decades. We used to be much less advanced than what we have evolved to now. There used to be no TMAs to aid in funding the initial route laying or the repeated trail grooming until a small group of committed motorcyclists who sought a trail system built the path for the rest to enjoy. These riders, who lacked the funds for supplies, shut down the system. The best we could do when there was a brook to cross was toss wooden pallets into the stream and rely on the snow to eventually cover the pallets and make the route passable. It’s always good to remember “How it all started” and that the Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers (DVSJ) exist today due to the “MANY” hardworking volunteers and landowners who allow us to use their land for our trail system.

Trail Report

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Blaze Your Trail

The DVSJ provides safe and fun snowmobiling in Dover, Marlboro, Somerset, Stratton, Wilmington and beyond – your Southern Vermont gateway to Winter adventures on the VAST trails!

Trail Maintenance Assessment (TMA)

The Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers online TMA purchase process from previous years was fairly straightforward. The new TMA process that we all now have to follow is a directive from VAST. We hope you find the new VAST process as easy or even better going forward.

Please consider making a separate donation through the Donate button below to help assist the club. Contributions to our grooming fund are greatly appreciated and 100% of this assistance goes to seasonal fuel costs, equipment maintenance as wells as Infrastructure repairs.

Many thanks to all who have contributed so far!

Events and Updates

The Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers news, events, and updates will be posted here.  Stay up to date with the DVSJ!

Week of January 21 2024 – We have snow.

Sunday January 21 - The cold temperatures over the last week really helped to stiffen up the riding base and aid in keeping the trails flat and as smooth as possible.  This morning the trails were flat with the grooming of trail to Somerset.  The groomer for Chimney...

Mar 16 – What to do with all this SNOW?

THURSDAY MARCH 16 - With over 42" of new snow, we have been out track packing the light snow so you can enjoy the trails.  What normally taks us about 7 hours to groom took us over 12 hours last night.   We have been wishing for more snow, but sometimes it is too much...

Feb 15 – TRAILS are CLOSED

Wednesday Feb 15 -   - Trails are deteriorating as we read this. We are sorry to close the trails, but with landowner fields showing dirt we MUST stay off the trails.   Doing a snow dance for next week, will keep you posted!!!!

Still Open, but seeing dirt everywhere

Thursday Feb 9 Trail Update  - Trails are deteriorating as we read this. Snirt spots (snow and dirt) are showing everywhere. Overall the trails are still flat and fast. Last groom will be on Friday 2/10 until we get Mother Nature to cooperate.


TRAILS ARE OPEN - Be Aware of Frozen water bars, downed trees and low hanging branches. The plan is for the groomers to track pack Tuesday Morning after the snow stops. If you are riding today, take pictures and let us know know of any obstacles that we need to clear....

Trail Update Jan 20, 2023

QUICK UPDATE!!  Trails are still closed.  We received 6 inches of wet hard pack snow that will set up as a great base for the Sunday/ Monday storm that we hope is coming. Please be patient and give the trails time to freeze. A few days more will be worth the wait!...