Deerfield Valley Local Trail Report



TRAILS ARE OPEN - Be Aware of Frozen water bars, downed trees and low hanging branches. The plan is for the groomers to track pack Tuesday Morning after the snow stops. If you are riding today, take pictures and let us know know of any obstacles that we need to clear....

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Trail Update Jan 20, 2023

QUICK UPDATE!!  Trails are still closed.  We received 6 inches of wet hard pack snow that will set up as a great base for the Sunday/ Monday storm that we hope is coming. Please be patient and give the trails time to freeze. A few days more will be worth the wait!...

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Riding Tips

Use a steady throttle when climbing hills

Don't spin out - it leaves deep whoops in the trails

To keep from tipping over, cross water bars and trenches at a 90° angle

Stay on the market trail. Respect landowners!

Please don't litter - carry out what you carry in

Please Ride Responsibily