Deerfield Valley Local Trail Report


Mar 16 – What to do with all this SNOW?

THURSDAY MARCH 16 - With over 42" of new snow, we have been out track packing the light snow so you can enjoy the trails.  What normally taks us about 7 hours to groom took us over 12 hours last night.   We have been wishing for more snow, but sometimes it is too much...

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Feb 15 – TRAILS are CLOSED

Wednesday Feb 15 -   - Trails are deteriorating as we read this. We are sorry to close the trails, but with landowner fields showing dirt we MUST stay off the trails.   Doing a snow dance for next week, will keep you posted!!!!

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Riding Tips

Use a steady throttle when climbing hills

Don't spin out - it leaves deep whoops in the trails

To keep from tipping over, cross water bars and trenches at a 90° angle

Stay on the market trail. Respect landowners!

Please don't litter - carry out what you carry in

Please Ride Responsibily