Deerfield Valley Local Trail Report


Week of January 21 2024 – We have snow.

Sunday January 21 - The cold temperatures over the last week really helped to stiffen up the riding base and aid in keeping the trails flat and as smooth as possible.  This morning the trails were flat with the grooming of trail to Somerset.  The groomer for Chimney...

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Mar 16 – What to do with all this SNOW?

THURSDAY MARCH 16 - With over 42" of new snow, we have been out track packing the light snow so you can enjoy the trails.  What normally taks us about 7 hours to groom took us over 12 hours last night.   We have been wishing for more snow, but sometimes it is too much...

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Feb 15 – TRAILS are CLOSED

Wednesday Feb 15 -   - Trails are deteriorating as we read this. We are sorry to close the trails, but with landowner fields showing dirt we MUST stay off the trails.   Doing a snow dance for next week, will keep you posted!!!!

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Riding Tips

Use a steady throttle when climbing hills

Don't spin out - it leaves deep whoops in the trails

To keep from tipping over, cross water bars and trenches at a 90° angle

Stay on the market trail. Respect landowners!

Please don't litter - carry out what you carry in

Please Ride Responsibily