March 14, 2018 at 11:51am

On behalf of the board of directors and landowners we are extremely grateful for the support our membership has shown these last 24 hours.  Be advised that the final decision to close the section of trail was made by the board out of respect for the landowner.  This club will always respect the landowner and do what is best for them.  Without the landowners we do not have trails to ride.  A solution has been proposed using more signage/ropes and whatever else it takes to give this private property more protection.  DVSJ club is reopening this section of trail from Boyd’s Farm hill toward the connect to Hogback and downtown trail access.

Again thank you club members for the landowner support you displayed. You are the best!  We welcomed all your comments and concerns on facebook – well over 143 comments with 17,000 people reaches.  (obviously being monitored by a lot of people, neighboring snowmobile clubs, and out of state snowmobiliers)

Off trail riding on landowners private property is a huge concern.  So much so that Snowmobile Vermont will be doing a fall article interviewing our club president and landowners as well to address this.  We will keep you informed about that.

And above all – thank you landowners for the privilege to ride your property.