Trail Report – 3/10/18

March 10, 2018 at 4:36pm

The reports weren’t good today from most riders.  Trails were very bumpy and brutally physical.  It isn’t easy with the tons of snow,  and lots of the soft stuff causing huge  moguls…..

AND ……. there were more riders out today than has been seen in a very long time.

Everyone is just so excited to get out and ride.   Seeing all that snow gave the expectation there would be excellent riding conditions! Some riders who broke trails yesterday said it was the best ever and they hadn’t had that much fun in twenty years!  So there is always some good and some bad with snowmobiling.

GOOD NEWS:  Some hard working board members together with club members got the broken down groomer working and has left HogBack to groom!  Hats off guys!

KNOW THIS:  Our DVSJ groomers are working those piston bully’s hard to get the trails groomed.  Get out and ride tomorrow.  Fingers are crossed that the cold night air will set up the trails

AND maybe – Just maybe  – you will  have the most fun you have had in 20 years!