Trail Report: 12/15/17

December 15, 2017 at 9:53pm

Heard from our “FAB Groomers” on Friday 12/15/17.  They SAID – NEED MORE SNOW!.

Track packed Hogback and pushed trees – track packed to Sommerset and pushed trees – all took 13 hours! These guys are awesome for the magic they work!

Hopefully can track pack Chimney Hill on Saturday 12/16/17.

They said “need another 6-8 inches of snow to getthe drag out!”

Our Fab Trail Master’s report:

While the Valley got 12+inches of snow, we need more to build the base for the best riding conditions.  Future predictions may bring more heavy wet snow.  In the meantime the decision has been made to keep the trails closed.  Riding is not recommended.

Stay tuned for updates