March 12, 2018 at 10:35pm

Sorry folks for this sad and unfortunate trail report tonight.  DVSJ received a call from a landowner about a few snowmobilers who decided to go rogue and ride off-trail throughout well marked signs – PRIVATE PROPERTY !  These riders created enormous ruts in the fields which have trails  used to transport sap during the sugaring season,  which happens to be now!  When trailering 40 gallons of sap it is imperative the trailer does not  tip over.  They also decided to rider over and topple historic stone walls on this private property.

The closed area shuts down access to ALL OF DVSJ’s south trails to Hogback.  This means riders coming from Jacksonville and the HogBack Parking lot will need to go toward Woodford to get north to Sommerset or to the local businesses in our town.  Riders will no longer be able to leave the Sitzmark Kiosk and go over the Boyd Farm Hill.

Disrespecting the landowners has a HUGE consquence.  This is a real problem and needs to be stopped.  Riding is a privilege not a right.

This writer would like to make a personal comment because this news saddened my heart.  The sugar shack on this property gives a feeling of warmth, and of proudness for the family history it represents dating  back generations.   The family welcomes a “stranger” with open arms to come in, join them for a toast, and watch the production of maple syrup which has been been going on for a very long time.   This is hard work with long hours.   It was awesome to listen to the stories of sugaring long ago.   There were tears in my eyes when I heard of the damage done to this family’s fields.  They are a wonderful family and do not deserve this disrespect.