Dec 13 2014

December 13, 2014 at 12:57am

The 2014/2015 snowmobile season is suppose to open Tues morning Dec. 16th.  VAST changed the Dec. 15th date  due to the hunting season not ending until Sunday night sunset Dec. 14th when the 2014 Muzzleloader Deer Season ends.

Mother nature is trying for a final say on trail opening because the heavy snow loads on the trees and mixed rain sleet snowfall  caused a number of trees to droop and/or drop into the trail.   This is especially true for the higher elevations causing the smaller trees to lay down and the larger limbs to break off.  That is a big worry for the north trail to Sommerset!  We expect a lot of hard work clearing debris of all sizes so that the groomers can get out there.

The plan is to meet at the Matterhorn Monday morning 12/15  to work on the trails.  Call 802-464-4676.  VAST is even stating that many clubs may have a  long process opening up the trail systems!  Watch for trail condition updates as we will post as soon as possible.