3/15/17 – The Ides of March

March 15, 2017 at 10:01am

Get your engines started snowmobilers.

Local reports from Deerfield Valley:  19 inches of Stella Snow!.  Weather predictions for 5-8 more inches of snow today!  and 6-12 inches for this weekend.  Some brave riders said they rode to Hog Back yesterday and there were NO blow downs and the ride had awesome powder.  Our  two fab groomers are still planning track packing Wed., and grooming Thurs!.  GET OUT AND RIDE.

If you need a place to stay with trail access:

Layla’s Riverside Lodge 802-464-7400

Triple Tree Lodging 802-464-5439

The Vintage Hotel Motel 802-64-8824

The WhiteHouse Inn (Hermitage Property) 802-464-3511

Other places near trail access:

The Viking Motel 802-464-5608

West Dover Inn/1846 Tavern – 855-516-1090