Thursday, 2/11/2016

February 11, 2016 at 8:57pm

Bittersweet News- We have been getting on and off snow since Monday night, but the total accumulation is only 5 to 10 inches depending on location. The highest totals are on the west and north portions of our trail system. We sending out crews to assess the conditions and possibly track pack some of the trails. Although the trails are open, riding is not recommended due to icy conditions, open water bars, uneven terrain due to low snow pack and generally very rough trail, Riding will not be enjoyable nor easy on your sled’s equipment. There is not enough snow for regular grooming.  On top of that,  we will be experiencing the coldest temperatures of year over the weekend with daytime highs only in the single digits with nighttime lows near 15 below and windy. On a brighter note, there is snow in the forecast for Tuesday.