VAST’S Official Snowmobile Season Opens – Sat. 12/16/17

December 11, 2017 at 5:13pm

Snowmobile clubs with enough snow will open soon. Check the VAST Website for the clubs that have opened their trails at

This page shows the entire VAST trail system once you scroll toward the bottom which gives general conditions, and other trail information.  The right sided menu has filters for a  specific county or club so that  you can narrow the trail map to a specific section.  The map layers that you select will add onto the map items like  intersection numbers, route numbers, parking areas, etc., and you can also choose the layers to identify gas, restaurants, lodging, etc. for your ride.  VAST has done a fantastic job for a state wide map and this now allows clubs to post up to date information about trail conditions, closures, and any other specific information.  So get your self familiar with this interactive VAST Map!

SNOWMOBILERS!!! -On Tuesday Deerfield Valley received 10-15 iches of fluffy light snow but not enough to pack down. The wind of course means lots of blow downs which makes the trails impassable. The club will be going out in the weeks ahead to clear the trails (we had to stay out of the woods this past month due to hunting season).

We need additional snow to get the groomers out to track pack. We will post more information as we can and appreciate all the enthusiasm and excitment to get out on the trails but safety is always the first! Stay tuned for the trail updates