TMA (Trail Maintenance Assessment) APPLICATION &



September 30, 2017 marked the end of VAST’s 2015/2016 fiscal year and snowmobile season for Vermont.  Preparations are underway for a new season! Enclosed is the 2017-2018 TMA form which provides the  information to renew your TMA and DVSJ Club Membership!

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The DVSJ Snowmobile Club membership dues remain unchanged at $20 for the upcoming season.  Membership is purchased for and associated with each sled.  Any individual family member or sled operator may be designated as the club member/rider of the subject sled.  Please note the renewal form has been modified to provide rider/club member information.

This season the VAST organization is offering “On Line” purchase of TMA(s). Our club has supported Online processing for a long time.  This is not an effort by the state organization to interfere in the relationship of the club and the membership.  Actually there are many benefits in the program which accrue to the club.  This year, if you choose to purchase on line, you will notice a major difference in the dues collected on line.  Utilizing a statewide dues policy was done so as not to disadvantage clubs with a higher dues policies.  Any local club dues collected by VAST will be flowed through to the local club without deduction.  This is the link to the VAST site:

This year the club is in the process of dealing with minor trail closures issues in connection with landowners concerns.   Solutions are being pursued, however any solution may make grooming and ease of travel less troublesome.  We are confident that we will have full ability to traverse the valley by snowmobile this coming season.

So welcome back and get ready as winter is coming!  Get your sled ready and don’t wait to get your TMA(s), either by mail, on line, at the chamber office in Wilmington or at any of the local dealers. See our website for specific places and hours.

See or our face book page for further information.

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