President’s Message

Welcome to the 2016/2017 snowmobile season.


Well  DVSJ Club members and Snowmobilers, we are halfway through the snowmobile season and so far, though it’s not a banner year yet, it is still light-years better than the non-existent prior snow season!

My message to ALL this year is copied from the statement posted on the  DVSJ Facebook page by our Vice President Carl Shepherd.

“Everyone wants to know about our trail conditions.  YES our trails have conditions that riders need to observe. First and foremost – stay on the trails.  The landowners have graciously allowed the snowmobile trail across their property.  The least we can do is stay on the posted trails whether the trail is in the woods or a field, whether it is roped or just marked poles.  Straying outside of the marked trails could damage a farmer’s property, crops, and irrigation equipment”.

“Other trail conditions? –  NO LITTERING; obey curfew hours; slow down and make room for the cross country skiers, hikers, and others out walking their dogs.  YES, there are “trail conditions” and if they are not observed there will be only 1 trail condition” –



Thank you and I look forward to see you all on the trails!


Don Yanke