Trail Reports

TRAIL REPORT – 12 NOON 3/14/18 through 3/18/18

March 14, 2018 at 11:56am

Update –  The piston bullies and our star groomers – Lenny and Steve are out in full force – both machines are on the prowl!  They are grooming and dragging all 3 sections which received fresh 12+ inches of snow over the base we had.

THE REST OF THE WEEK’s SCHEDULE – all three sections will be done each day for the next 5 days.

Be aware of water bars and ride safe.  Do not trust any lake or body of water!


On behalf of the board of directors and landowners we are extremely grateful for the support our membership has shown these last 24 hours.  Be advised that the final decision to close the section of trail was made by the board out of respect for the landowner.  This club will always respect the landowner and do what is best for them.  Without the landowners we do not have trails to ride.  A solution has been proposed using more signage/ropes and whatever else it takes to give this private property more protection.  DVSJ club is reopening this section of trail from Boyd’s Farm hill toward the connect to Hogback and downtown trail access.

Again thank you club members for the landowner support you displayed. You are the best!  We welcomed all your comments and concerns on facebook – well over 143 comments with 17,000 people reaches.  (obviously being monitored by a lot of people, neighboring snowmobile clubs, and out of state snowmobiliers)

Off trail riding on landowners private property is a huge concern.  So much so that Snowmobile Vermont will be doing a fall article interviewing our club president and landowners as well to address this.  We will keep you informed about that.

And above all – thank you landowners for the privilege to ride your property.


March 12, 2018 at 10:35pm

Sorry folks for this sad and unfortunate trail report tonight.  DVSJ received a call from a landowner about a few snowmobilers who decided to go rogue and ride off-trail throughout well marked signs – PRIVATE PROPERTY !  These riders created enormous ruts in the fields which have trails  used to transport sap during the sugaring season,  which happens to be now!  When trailering 40 gallons of sap it is imperative the trailer does not  tip over.  They also decided to rider over and topple historic stone walls on this private property.

The closed area shuts down access to ALL OF DVSJ’s south trails to Hogback.  This means riders coming from Jacksonville and the HogBack Parking lot will need to go toward Woodford to get north to Sommerset or to the local businesses in our town.  Riders will no longer be able to leave the Sitzmark Kiosk and go over the Boyd Farm Hill.

Disrespecting the landowners has a HUGE consquence.  This is a real problem and needs to be stopped.  Riding is a privilege not a right.

This writer would like to make a personal comment because this news saddened my heart.  The sugar shack on this property gives a feeling of warmth, and of proudness for the family history it represents dating  back generations.   The family welcomes a “stranger” with open arms to come in, join them for a toast, and watch the production of maple syrup which has been been going on for a very long time.   This is hard work with long hours.   It was awesome to listen to the stories of sugaring long ago.   There were tears in my eyes when I heard of the damage done to this family’s fields.  They are a wonderful family and do not deserve this disrespect.


Trail update – 3/12 thru 3/13/18

March 11, 2018 at 9:17pm

Groomer is pulling the drag to Somerset Monday a.m. and then to Chimney Hill in the afternoon.  There is predictions for more snow on Tuesday!  Wow.  Stay tuned

Trail Report – 3/10/18

March 10, 2018 at 4:36pm

The reports weren’t good today from most riders.  Trails were very bumpy and brutally physical.  It isn’t easy with the tons of snow,  and lots of the soft stuff causing huge  moguls…..

AND ……. there were more riders out today than has been seen in a very long time.

Everyone is just so excited to get out and ride.   Seeing all that snow gave the expectation there would be excellent riding conditions! Some riders who broke trails yesterday said it was the best ever and they hadn’t had that much fun in twenty years!  So there is always some good and some bad with snowmobiling.

GOOD NEWS:  Some hard working board members together with club members got the broken down groomer working and has left HogBack to groom!  Hats off guys!

KNOW THIS:  Our DVSJ groomers are working those piston bully’s hard to get the trails groomed.  Get out and ride tomorrow.  Fingers are crossed that the cold night air will set up the trails

AND maybe – Just maybe  – you will  have the most fun you have had in 20 years!

Trail Report – 3/9/18. The weekend should be great riding!

March 9, 2018 at 1:56pm

Hey snowmobiles – get out and ride. Sorry for the reporting delay. No power and little internet access x 8 days now.   Lenny is out grooming our 66 miles and reports from other riders – the snow is awesome. We got 36 inches of snow!

The only other updates to look for this weekend would be new grooming when we know. Hopefully your out on the trails and won’t be reading this website til Next week. 😍

Trail Report – 3/3/18

March 3, 2018 at 8:40am

Our 1 working groomer went out Friday 6:00 p.m. to trackpack Chimney Hill.  It’s a slow go out there.  Look for trail updates when we get them.

Riders Report:  Zero base with water under the  snow and  lots of wet areas when breaking the trails, and the snow is like cement.

Pig Roast is ON.  Blessing of the sleds is ON.  Pastor says even if you don’t have a sled he blesses the riders too.

Be safe out there!   Our piston bully is trying!  Hats off to the groomers for trying to do a good job in hard conditions!



Trail Report – 3/2/18 THANK YOU STORM RILEY

March 2, 2018 at 1:06pm

The trails are opened.  Snow fall predictions from Winter Storm Riley –  16-18 inches.  One piston bully is down but our fab groomers plan to get it done and groom!

PIG ROAST –  AND BLESSING OF THE SLEDS – Sat. 12 Noon – The Roadhouse.  IT CAN BE A RIDE IN  (thankyou TJ for your positive thinking) :o)

Also Note:  Fri. 3/2/18 DVSJ Meeting @ Layla’s Riverside Lodge 6:30 p.m. BYOB/Buffet.  Any club member who desires to be elected to DVSJ Board of Directors should come to this meeting to announce their intentions or email the club at by 3/2/18


Trail Report – 2/15/18

February 15, 2018 at 11:11pm


Ours trails are nearly wiped out.   It was 53 degrees in the Valley on this thursday 2/15/18 –  See our face book page for the pictures of the  bare and barest of conditions.

The trails are closed until we get significant snow.  🙁

Trail Report – 2/14/18 – Happy Valentine’s Day Riders

February 13, 2018 at 11:57pm

Heard from one of the DVSJ Board Members who checked out the trails on Tues.  Some good and some very bad areas –  so riding is not recommended –  ice, exposed rocks and bare spots everywhere.    Lots of overheating unless you have a fan-cooled sled.

Due to lack of snow and potential property damage our local businesses have requested no riding down Windy Hill toward the following:

  •  Across the Dover Fire Department property (which accesses Last Chair and West Dover Joe’s)
  • The Windy Hill / Chadwick’s Trail (which accesses The Saloon, Layla’s Riverside Lodge and Toscanella)

Unfortunately the weather is not looking good for rest of the week and may force closure of our trail system.  🙁